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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is Here!

September 22 is the first day of fall. Cooler weather is coming — prep your home for its arrival while it’s still nice outside.


  • Check out your windows and exterior doors. Make sure windows are sealed tightly and no air is coming through. A good way to check the seal of your exterior doors is to place a piece of paper in the door and close it. You should not be able to move the paper easily. If you can, it is time to replace your weather stripping.
  •  Clean the fireplace and chimney. Clean out the fireplace, inspect the flue, and ensure the doors and shields are sound. Have the chimney professionally swept if needed. Now’s also the time to stock up on firewood!
  • Light the way. Bring as much light into your home as you can for the colder, darker months. To accentuate natural light, clean your windows and blinds, especially in rooms that get a lot of sunlight.
  • Do a home safety check. Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors. A good way to remember to do this is to always replace the batteries when you change the clock for daylight saving time.Create a family fire escape plan, or review the one you already have. Put together an emergency preparedness kit so you’re ready for any winter power outages.


  • Clean out the gutters. No one loves this job, but we all need to do it annually. A few hours of work can prevent big problems later on.While you’re up on that ladder, visually inspect your roof for damaged shingles, flashing or vents. You can also inspect the chimney for any missing mortar and repair it by tuck-pointing, if needed.
  • Drain, clean, and store your outdoor equipment. Drain outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems, and cover them to protect them from the freezing weather to come.
  • Treating your lawn with fertilizer in the autumn will trigger renewed growth of both blades and roots, so your lawn will be thick and healthy again before winter’s colder temperatures set in.
  • Trim Your Trees. If you notice any dead branches or decaying limbs on the trees of your property, you should call your landscaping service to have them removed. These limbs can become hazardous when loaded with ice and snow. They can also prove vulnerable to winds, so it’s best to remove them before they can fall on your house or vehicle.

Although summer can sometimes drag on, colder weather is just around the corner. Keep these tips in mind so you can keep your home in good shape during the winter months!


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