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Residential Purchases

The process of selling your home can be complicated and stressful. From cleaning, staging, interviewing Realtors, packing boxes, moving furniture, etc. It can be overwhelming. We know that, and we want to make the settlement process itself as easy as we possibly can. One of the ways we are going to help you with this is by leveraging new technology and laws that allow us to bring the settlement to you. If you want to close with us in our Fairfax office, we would love to see you here. However, sometimes it is easier to do the closing where you are most comfortable. So, if you want to close at your kitchen table, we can send a closer to you. In many cases, you can virtually sign with us through a webcam and our digital signature software.

Purchasing a home is certainly no easier. In fact, it is often significantly more complicated given the need to search for the home, and to provide your new mortgage company with what feels like never ending documentation. Similar to selling your home, we provide a flexible settlement experience. Visit with us or let us come to you. We are going to build this experience around what is best for you.

Residential Refinances

If you are looking to refinance your home, consider Home Settlement Centre as your closing partner. It has been our experience that there is a difference in who you close with. What makes that difference? Staffing and software. We employ some of the most experienced processors and closers in Virginia, Maryland, and the District. Additionally, our partnership with Qualia enables us to efficiently and safely link you to our staff, and to your lender.

Would you like to close in our office, or at your kitchen table? It is your choice. We want what you want.

Construction Loans

Have you decided that it is time to build your dream home? It is a very different process than buying a home. We have partnered with Old Republic to keep you safe throughout the building and draw process. When you finance a construction loan, your lender will pay the builder in increments known as draws. Before the builder receives each distribution, the lender will ask us to verify that all of the contractors have been paid to date. In this respect, we are known as a Mechanic’s Lien Agent. We say yes after verifying and the next draw is released to the builder. This is a unique process in the residential real estate world. You want an expert protecting your project throughout. We excel within this type of transaction; and you want us with you through it.


We love working with investors! Several members of our staff own rental properties and have flipped houses. We’ve managed 100’s of memoranda of sales originated at the local courthouse steps. We understand and appreciate that these transactions move quickly. More importantly, we appreciate that a real estate investor’s time is arguably their most critical asset. You do not need to come to us, most (if not all) of the paperwork can be handled remotely, at your convenience. We have contacts with hard money lenders that will work with you to help you build your business. You need a partner that understands the mechanics, as well as the numbers involved in real estate investing. We are that partner.

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

Tax deferred exchanges are surprisingly easily to manage. We will connect you with our preferred partner to handle the limited paperwork. And when the time comes to sell into or purchase out of the exchange, we will be there for you in the same convenient way that we are always there for our investor friends.

Related Party Exchanges

If you need help selling your home to a family member, start a discussion with us. We will connect you with a legal partner that can help you draft a contract to protect both sides. Full disclosure and transparency are critical to a successful transfer. Selling to family can be very rewarding if handled properly. Trust us to guide you safely through.

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