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Your Journey Through the Mortgage Process

What to Expect

Stages of the Loan Process

When you choose McLean Mortgage as your lender, you are not just working with a single loan officer; you have the whole McLean Mortgage family helping support you through the mortgage process. We will help you evaluate your finances, your credit, and advise you every step of the way on your journey to get you approved for a mortgage.

The McLean Mortgage Process is designed to be simple for you.

The only steps you need to complete are filling out the application and sending in any missing documentation as soon as possible. Otherwise, we handle the rest for you.


Filling Out the Application

This process is as easy as filling out a form online, on our app, face-to-face, or over the phone. You are never without options. We recommend using the app or filling out the application on our website. This allows us to identify potential issues before we meet. This is the most efficient way to make sure information doesn’t get missed, and we can finalize the application faster.


Application Processing

Our processing team will review the documents and order the appraisal and additional documentation. The purpose of processing is to make sure the file is as complete as possible before it is submitted to the underwriter. Our team may have questions; please respond quickly to any requests from your processor. When everything is complete, your application and documents (now called a package) go to underwriting.



The process of making a final determination on the loan application. With a complete package, underwriting can be accomplished quickly. A mortgage will typically be approved based on underwriting guidelines and insurance documentation. Our process is to meet all underwriting guidelines before final approval can be made, and your package is sent to the closing department.



It’s time to CELEBRATE! Our goal is to submit paperwork to the title company or attorney as quickly as possible so that our client has access to their closing documents before the date of closing. We recommend reviewing the papers, especially the Closing Disclosure, before closing day. This makes closing a much smoother experience.

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